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The Erasmus scholarship through the EU is an interesting scholarship to look at.

An internship abroad is an investment in your future and it is therefore good to see what the costs and returns are during your internship period.

What is the Erasmus program actually? Take a good look at the conditions below and for the latest update check the website of the Erasmus grant.

Conditions of Erasmus grant:

  • Internship in Spain with a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 12 months.
  • The internship in Spain has to be full-time.
  • You must have completed the first year of your studies
  • The internship has to be part of your studies and you must be registered as a resident in the EU.
  • Your study has to be officially approved and recognized.
  • You need to have an internship agreement between you, the company and your studies for an Erasmus grant.

How could I afford my internship in Spain?

Doing an internship abroad is an investment for your future.

We will do our best to arrange a paid internship allowance for you. You can also apply for a non-resident grant as an example that is very popular for students in The Netherlands (approximately 250 euros) and you can hand in your public transport card (approximately 90 euros in most EU countries).

You can also apply for the Erasmus grant and receive approximately € 200 per month. It is important to always check whether the above scholarships are still valid, especially the Erasmus scholarship.

Erasmus scholarship Background information

The scholarship was established in 1987 by an initiative of the European Commission to stimulate higher education in the European Union. The Erasmus program is part of the SOCRATES program, which is also part of the EU grants.

We are pleased that the program is widely used in Europe, which is a great incentive to go abroad for an internship or to study abroad.

What does this mean for your internship in Spain?

The Erasmus grant can be seen as a contribution to your internship costs such as accommodation and travel expenses. The Erasmus grant amount is a minimum of € 200 per month for a stay of at least 3 months during your internship in Spain. You will receive a payment in advance of € 150 per month after submitting your application.

Apply as soon as possible to ensure that you receive the grant in time ! Participation of universities of applied sciences in the Erasmus fair According to EU research, more than 3100 colleges and universities from 31 different countries were registered in the Erasmus program in 2016.

More than 1.9 million students have already used the Erasmus program. We at work together with most schools and Universities in Europe that participate in this. Some schools even arrange the entire application for you. 

Who are using the Erasmus Scholarship?

European students actually do not make use of an exchange semester abroad compared to e.g. the USA. Every affiliated school has an Erasmus coordinator. After registering with , check with your University to see who the coordinator is for more information about the Erasmus program.

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