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Internship Service

We are proudly the biggest marketplace on the web to connect students with companies. As we have been in the student service industry for many years, we noticed that traditional internship agencies make many promises, charge crazy fees, and never deliver what a student really needs.
We solve this problem by:

Simply signing up to our database and applying to companies yourself.

We give you the tools needed to get things done yourself - this is reflected in the fee we charge.

Upload your recent CV and companies could also look into your qualifications and will contact you directly.

This way, we offer an affordable way to gain access to global companies who are genuinely interested in working with you.

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The next step is to arrange student accommodation and your student Visa.
Why students love to sign up with us is that we own the biggest marketplace of student housing with over 20.000 student rooms available worldwide.
Our team will make student accommodation suggestions based on your requirements and you will be connected to the landlord and will pay the monthly rent directly to the landlord.

Student Visa

Our core focus is to offer worldwide quality internships.

In Europe, the Erasmus + program will work well for European students. This is great if you stay in Europe. However, we work worldwide and how about an internship in New York or Sydney? For these global locations, we partnered with specialized local government entities to make sure you will be assisted with up-to-date requirements and can enter the country with ease. For example, the USA, Canada, and Australia need some time to arrange your student visa. This way, we always advise you to start the earliest by applying for internships abroad through our database.

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Interview with the Company

After your profile is chosen from the company, you'll conduct an interview with the company. You'll be assisted with support by our team.

Prepare to leave

After you've signed the contract/agreement with the company, you'll prepare to leave. We will assist you with Visa preparation, as well as reallocation.

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