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Internship in Spain Price

For an internship in Spain we offer a service package that many students have already used before you.

The advantage is that as a European student you don’t need a Visa for an internship in Spain.

At this page we would like to give you some more information about the steps you will go through during the process.

The procedure regarding payments is as follows:

1. When you sign up for the Student service, you pay directly € 500,- and have access to our global database and you could apply directly.

2. When you sign up for our VIP service you pay € 500,-

3. For the VIP service, we will send you a form to receive all your internship requirements.

4. For the VIP service, you will be assigned to a personal accountmanager.

5. For the VIP Service, we will start searching for internships and provide you with max 3 internship offers.

6. When you had the interview with the company and being accepted – we will assist with student accommodation and Visa.

7. We will send the final invoice of € 250,-

Please note; when you decline an internship we offer, or we can’t find an internship based on your requirements etc etc.. then we do a 50% / 50% split so we both lose out..that’s fair don’t you think?!

Service contract and Terms and conditions

It is important for your parents to know that you agree with clear terms and conditions where everything clearly been stated regarding the service package.

This means you will not be faced with any surprises and hidden costs. You will also receive a contract for housing and you will pay the monthly rent directly to the landlord. Because of this, we believe that we have thought of everything for a wonderful period during your internship in Spain

Internship compensation

during your internship adventure, we understand that you are a student and will not have a big budget to spend but still want to enjoy it.

We will always try to take your costs into account. View the page about the Erasmus grant about the proceeds. We are not responsible for the amount of the internship allowance. During your internship in Spain you will usually receive compensation and/or accommodation/meal reimbursement. This way, please note that we offer both paid and unpaid internships

General costs

Fortunately, food and drinks are generally cheaper during your internship in Spain compared to other popular cities in Europe. For around € 10 euro a day, you will cook some nice meals. Regarding housing costs, you will spend approximately €600 – € 800 p/month  and a flight ticket to Spain will cost approximately €100. Because of this, we believe that an internship in Spain is very affordable when you are on a budget. We can offer an internship in Spain all year round, all types of studies and number of months/weeks doesn’t matter.

Excluding Spain package:

– Flight ticket, costs about €100 euros
– Rent accommodation, approximately € 600 – € 800 per month
– Insurance, travel insurance costs approximately €25 per month
– food & drinks, approximately € 3 to € 400 per month

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