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Considering that 86% of companies expect a shortage of necessary skills in the coming year, organizational leaders are placing their emphasis on digital transformation and the development of a remote workforce. Establishing talent pools for future needs has become a critical priority; however, the ongoing challenge lies in identifying fresh and diverse talent from around the world.

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Extra requirements for USA Host companies for J-1 Visa

*Please note, this is applicable for US companies only.

After you have accepted to host an intern at your company in the USA, we need to inform you about some extra requirements.

Please note, this is applicable for US companies only. We as are partnered in the US with the official J-1 Visa providers. Not to worry for you, the student will pay for the additional cost to get the visa.

The J-1 visa will be authorized by the U.S. Department of State designated sponsor. works with various designated sponsors throughout the U.S., and we take care of all the paperwork involved, making it as simple as possible for you as a host company.

The qualifications to be an official host company under J-1 visa regulations are the following: 

  • Provide a training program that is  related to the intern education;
  • You have to offer an internship with  a minimum of 32 hours per week;
  • Possessing a Worker’s Compensation insurance policy, please discuss this with the student during the interview
  • Having an official office location (freelance or home offices is not allowed)
  • Having at least  three employees per intern
  • A possible site visit from the government  for companies with less than 25 employees or earning less than $3 million in revenue per year. 

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